A leading company in the welding industry that boasts technological and development capabilities.

Tokuden's special welding. It is a technology that combines special metals using advanced welding technology to add added value such as wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Tokuden is a unique company that handles everything from the development of welding materials necessary for this special welding to the construction work. We contribute to extending the lifespan and stable operation of equipment and ensuring the quality of manufactured products in a wide range of manufacturing industries, from industries such as steel, electric power, and cement to familiar industries such as automobiles, paper, and rubber. As a "Technological leader", we will continue to take full advantage of the properties of metals and respond to all needs.

Products & Service

  • Materials

    Welding materials

    Tokuden's history began as a special welding rod manufacturing company that manufactured and sold arc welding rods, also known as "electrode rods" at the time. "Special electrodes" were born because we researched, developed, manufactured, and sold welding rods for "special" metals among welding rods. Various know-how and technologies have been born from research and development of special welding materials, and are now spreading to construction work and other fields.

  • Welding

    Construction work

    Tokuden's construction work is characterized by its ability to develop welding materials and surface modification technology through overlay welding, allowing it to optimally meet customer requests. Surface modification technology (overlay welding) is a technology that imparts properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance by welding a purpose-specific alloy to the surface of equipment, machine parts, etc. is. We not only apply this to new equipment and products in advance, but we also have advanced technology to remove damaged parts such as wear and cracks from used parts and regenerate them using overlay welding.


    Top plate

    Generally speaking, "hard" and "resistant to breaking" have a contradictory relationship, but in the field, "materials that are hard to wear and hard to break" are required. As a result of our continuous pursuit of such ideal quality, Tokuden's wear-resistant clad steel plate `Top Plate'' was introduced. Top plates of extremely high quality, which have a beautiful surface with almost no irregularities, high hardness, and minimal distortion, are now available in a variety of types to suit different uses, and cans can be manufactured.

  • Die casting

    Die casting related

    We manufacture parts for die-casting machines, which are in increasing demand in various fields including the automobile industry, and also perform repairs using special welding. Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge of developing new technologies, new products, and new products while leveraging our unique technology, and aim to develop our business in a way that is unique to Tokuden.

  • Environment equipment

    Environment related equipment

    We will continue to provide high-quality, low-cost equipment and systems to our customers globally, leveraging our engineering capabilities based on our experience in the development of various products and equipment policy.