President message


Representative Director and President Homare Nishikawa

Since our founding in 1933 as a special welding rod manufacturing company, we have focused on welding special metals, and have continued to challenge ourselves in product and technology development, as well as through proposal-based sales that combine research, technology, and sales. We have expanded our business and contributed in a small way to the development of industry and society. In recent years, the social environment and technological innovation surrounding us have been changing at breakneck speed, and customer demands have become more diverse, sophisticated, and segmented. We also believe that our work, which contributes to the repair and remanufacturing of parts and extending the life of products, will become increasingly important not only from the perspective of cost savings but also from the perspective of preserving the global environment. Our future mission is to understand how accurately we can understand our customers' issues and requests, and create and provide new value. We are deepening our relationships with our customers more than ever before, and are also moving forward with the development of new customers. By leveraging our unparalleled comprehensive strength as a "Technology Tokuden" that combines the ability to make detailed proposals at a high level, we accelerate the development of new technologies, new equipment, new products, and new products to meet customer requests. We will do our best to respond. We would like to work hard to become a partner to everyone who can provide positive value in a wide range of fields such as daily life, society, and industry, and build a future together.