Management philosophy

Management philosophy

  • We will comply with all laws and internal regulations, and practice corporate activities in accordance with social ethics.
  • We adhere to the customer-first philosophy and create reliable quality.
  • We will actively develop and introduce new technologies and provide products to a wide range of fields.
  • We will combine the strengths of everyone to create rich value and build a company full of vitality.
  • We aim to be a company that we can always be proud of by being considerate of the global environment and contributing to society.

Safety and health management policy

1.“Safety comes first” (long-term policy)
2.“Zero accidents” is the most important goal for many years

Quality policy

Recognizing that maintaining and improving quality is a corporate social responsibility, we pursue, create, and deliver products that satisfy our customers.

Compliance policy

  • We will comply with laws and other social norms and conduct fair and sound corporate activities.
  • We will disclose management-related information in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner.
  • We will appropriately protect corporate secrets, personal information of customers or officers and employees, and all other information.
  • We will not have any involvement with individuals or organizations that have a negative impact on social order or the sound activities of the company.

Environmental policy

We recognize that protecting the beautiful, lush global environment and passing it on to the next generation is a common challenge for all humankind, as well as an expected social responsibility. We will always face the impact on the environment, strive to preserve and harmonize with nature, and conduct business activities that place the highest priority on the continuous improvement of the local environment and the prevention of pollution.

  • We will accurately understand the impact that our corporate activities have on the global environment, build an environmental management system, set environmental targets, and carry out planned and continuous activities.
  • We strive to prevent environmental pollution by providing environmentally friendly products and technologies.
  • We will promote business improvement activities, make effective use of resources and energy, and strive to reuse waste and reduce emissions.
  • We will comply with laws, ordinances, agreements, industry norms, etc. related to corporate activities.
  • We will provide education to all employees to increase their awareness of environmental pollution prevention and improvement, and promote the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the environmental management system.
  • This environmental policy will be thoroughly disseminated to everyone within the company, and will also be widely disclosed outside the company.